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Turning the Page

I’ve been carrying two planners around for the last several weeks.Now it’s time to file the 2015 planner and literally “turn the page.”
The clean, unlived days and months of 2016 loom as an uncertain invitation.What will 2016 bring?None of us know.
We will have a presidential election, Lord have mercy.The strategizing and posturing are wearing me out, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.Ideas are nothing if they aren’t propelled by principle.Advanced by ego, it doesn’t matter what the idea may be; it will produce a predictable outcome.
We have extremists who hold us in contempt.If you scan through the offerings of Western culture and juxtapose them to the very restrictive laws of some religions, you can understand the contempt those people must have for our ways.With our values universalized by social media, conservative types must not feel safe.Feeling unsafe makes us afraid.Fear makes us respond in anger.
Those unlived days in the 2016 planner are yet to be created.What will we bring to th…

Light and Dark – A holiday season with meaning

The symbolism of light and dark has power in the human experience.“Dark” represents the unknown and that makes us nervous.We were probably huddled around campfires in ancient times trying not to feel like prey as mystery lurked in the dark.
“Light” on the other hand, gives us more sense of knowing and control over our environment.This is literally true in the physical world, but it provides a valuable metaphor for life in general.
The fact that Hannukkah and Christmas both present visions of light in the darkest of Winter months is our way of creating certainty from uncertainty.We light candles, we follow the “star of wonder” to the birth of consciousness.When light is victorious over darkness, consciousness is raised.
It’s a personal decision whether we participate in a deliberate process of enLIGHTenment.Do our actions alleviate suffering, or do they create more?When we seek to bring service, love and truth into the world, we become vehicles of light.
A deeper sense of what we’re in the…


Many of you who study energy work know that there are said to be energy centers in the body called “chakras.”For those who are new to these ideas, there are many chakras, but the major ones are the root, the sacral plexus, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown (seven in all).If you google the word “chakras,” you will come up with teachings and new ways of looking at our bodies, which after all are energetic systems.
When I coined “Shock-Rah,” it came from my sense that we can stagnate and our energy can remain passive and stuck.Sometimes we are too fixed in our vibrational positions to allow the energy to flow freely through our bodies.That’s where we can manifest dis-ease, or a condition of imbalance.Reiki and pure essential oils are methods, along with many others, that intends to remove blocks to free energy flow and allow the body to operate in a healthy, balanced way.
Unfortunately, we sometimes require a “shock” to the system to awaken to our imbalances and bloc…

Knocking on the Locked Door

After years of life in my own Earth Suit, and watching other people navigate… I’ve come to the conclusion that we’d rather believe we’re right than give up unproductive behavior.We try everything, every twist and turn to prove that we’re right, and we pay a high price for our stubbornness.We knock on locked doors until our knuckles bleed.
The methods we use to promote our “rightness” generally fall under the category of everyone else being wrong, life being unfair and feeling like a victim.The idea that we might be wrong is a bitter pill to swallow and our egos quake.If we take another approach, namely “Hmmm, what am I doing that isn’t working,” we have a chance to be free.
The toll to move to an open door is to let go of an idea and (poor ego “me”) the notion that we have to be right to be worthy and powerful.The fact is that we have to be humble and open to pave the road to a true sense of worth and power.Life is living Itself through us and we can try to beat It at Its own game (g…

Black Friday

The term “Black Friday” was coined in the 1960s to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. “Black” refers to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit. Ever since the start of the modern Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start to the “buy fest” preceding Christmas.
I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge, but I will never…and I repeat NEVER… take a sleeping bag and camp out in front of a store to be first on line to shop on Black Friday, or any other day.  
I especially don’t want to be first on line because of the poor soul who was trampled to death in a surge of frenetic materialism a few years ago. If I slept overnight on the pavement and the payoff was being stampeded to a pulp, my soul would never be at peace.
Leave it to our species to interpret the gift of consciousness to the world, Christ’s birth,…

The Last Leaf on the Tree and Gratitude

As the Fall winds down we’ve seen the process of transformation in the trees around us.One of the most interesting things I learned as a biology major was the fact that the colors we see in Fall were there all the time, masked by the chlorophyll created to build food for the tree.When the Sun recedes into the Winter sky, the tree no longer creates chlorophyll and the hidden colors are revealed.There is a lot going on behind what our senses can pick up.
Like the trees, we each have our hidden brilliance and I hope that revealing it doesn’t wait for the next lifetime!What keeps us from showing our colors, our authentic selves?Fear of rejection, of showing all that we are and having it not be good enough?
The last leaf on the tree... Does it hold tight because it fears the long drop to Earth?Does it deny the approaching Winter?When we maintain our tight grip past beliefs, our obvious green, we fail to show our deeper colors and we panic over the periods when our “branches” can look a littl…

The Roadmap and the Journey

I’ve been asked a number of times
about the difference between religion
and spirituality.  Since there are
increasing numbers of people that
claim to be spiritual, but not religious,
it’s a valid question.
The way I think about this is that religion
is a road map, a set of directions that
keeps us on course, but that spiritual consciousness is the evolving journey. 
We can get preoccupied with the road
map and forget we are on a journey. 
This, unfortunately, is the hypocrisy that
we see in some religious practices.
The fact is that spiritual awareness is the unfolding journey we go through in a lifetime. 
It’s the growing realization that we are all ascending to a view of life that is less personal
and more universal, Oneness.  Material life is a stage in that evolution.  Sometimes
holding too tightly to the road map can make us forget that there is a journey under way.
The great tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, described his experience of singing as preparing the instrument through years …