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What do you believe about yourself?

Also known as our “stories,” our beliefs about ourselves can become indelible tattoos of limitation. 
Burdened by our conditioning and childhood vulnerabilities many of us live entire lives never flying free…never truly becoming the transparency, the portal through which Grace can shine through us into our Earthly stint as material beings.  What a challenge it is to see through the opaqueness of our experiences and lengthen our focus to what lies beyond our conditioning in an elusive but sacred place.
In allegories, every culture alludes to something beyond the material plane.  Locked in our senses and experiences it requires transcendence, the “third eye” that sees beyond our conditioning, to lift what feels like a ceiling unto the Heavens.  Altering the core around which our identity is built feels like the death of the familiar “me.”   If there was ever an act of faith, it’s making that shift.  Without it, we stay trapped in the cocoon forever the caterpillar, never flying in our ful…

“In it to Win it” post script

I am slowly being tortured into submission by the Publishers Clearing House.  The daily bombardment of solicitations makes Facebook look lame.  It is a veritable avalanche.  Whomever wins that check will have paid tenfold for it with brain cell death. Let me enumerate the various scenarios:
This is a battle field on many fronts, laying waste via internet and snail mail.  So far I’ve been spared text messages.  I haven’t been spared serious letters from PCH officials, thick and official envelopes, and lengthy, convoluted emails.I can plan on at least five assaults a day, threatening to eliminate me, welcoming me, offering “consolation prizes,” and listing New Jersey winners to whet my money hungry appetite. Many of the letters are disguised as “congratulatory checks,” to further torment and entice the salivating materialist.Each missive is accompanied by a labyrinth of connections to mysterious links that allegedly hold a “secret number.”  To get to the “secret number,” one has to trav…

I’m In It to Win It

I have a confession to make.  I have entered the Publisher’s Clearing House giveaway.  It’s a tortuous process designed to eliminate anyone whose patience is already frayed from being on hold for hours waiting for a human voice, being stuck in traffic at rush hour due to “planning” by the government, and being over 50 and trying to demystify social media and electronic devices.
Given the already depleted fund of patience, the sheaves of paper in the Publishers Clearing House ordeal, featuring many treasures (punctuated by assurances that buying one of them isn’t a requirement to win) has left me breathless.  But I feel victorious now being in the 1% still qualified for the BIG PRIZE.  I doPn’t understand if the BIG PRIZE is $5,000 a week for life, or there is a BIGGER PRIZE of $7,000 a week for life and $2,000,000 up front.  I couldn’t sustain myself long enough to figure that out. I got some relief throwing all the ads into the recycling bin.
Why did I enter?  I keep seeing the path…