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Bring Heaven to Earth

Have you noticed that you “feel before you think?”  The body is wise and intuitive…the mind can be easily fooled.

As I move into the practice of Reiki (light touch energy healing) I realize that it is a validation of what I’ve known all along.  As they say in the East, the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. My particular mind is capable of all sorts of mischief along with occasional wisdom.  Notice the characteristic thought loops that feel familiar to you.  They are seldom encouraging and usually sort of depressing.  On the other hand, the body has a certain intuitive honesty.  Like a loyal friend, it takes on the overflow from the mind and becomes symptomatic to remind us that we aren’t listening.

The truth is that the mind is a relatively new evolutionary twist.  The body, on the other hand, is far more enduring and attuned to the Earth’s energetic wisdom if we don’t get in its way.  The alternative healing arts such as Reiki and all varieties of energy work, merel…

Presidential Politics

Brace yourselves…Here come the Presidential candidates with their posturing, not-so-subtle character assassinations, and the endless ads that you and I are paying for.  It’s like paying the electric bill before they strap you into the chair.
It’s true, we’re in the age of media with its endless droning of sales and persuasion. There are ads that are so repetitive that they haunt our consciousness.  But there is nothing as irritating as political ads. 
Politicians hire huge staffs (we’re paying for them, too) to dissect and crucify their opponents  We’re assaulted with waves of negativity and left wanting to move to North Korea where no decisions are required.  Kim Jung-un recently had a cabinet member shot for falling asleep at a meeting.  I’d be dead a hundred times at that rate. 
What’s left when the election is over is a group of bloodied casualties.  They crawl off the field of battle to be employed at the nearest law firm and lick their wounds for four years until the next go …

Following form to energy and abundance

Why are all forms temporary?  When we follow the transition of form to energy, we are on the Path to Enlightenment and Abundance.
There is a part of us that finds the loss of familiarity and form off-putting and disconcerting.  I’m sure you’ve experienced that feeling…the sense that we want our loved ones with us always and our youth not to fade.  We want abundance to show itself in a material way as reassurance that our existence isn’t in vain.  We foster the denial that all material form is temporary. But if we’ve done any spiritual study and believe in a Creative Force beyond the senses, we know that part of Creation is the movement from invisible energy into form, and from form back into invisible energy.
We tend to celebrate the former, but not so much the latter.  So many cycles in the natural world demonstrate that both are necessary.  I used to think of this in a material way, that the necessity of death and destruction was simply to make room for more Creation. Now I tend to se…

Keeping the Portal Open

We either move beyond a sense of limitation in these times of change, or we are left behind.

There are moment described in spiritual literature when people accomplish transformation in an instant.  These miraculous examples of upward mobility are referred to as “epiphanies” in Christian lore.  They are sometimes described as a vision that immediately gifts enlightenment to an individual and bequeaths a halo or some indication that this person is now a “saint,” or has achieved a special level of consciousness.  Since there is no halo around my particular head, and since I’ve noted the grinding it takes for most of us to achieve shifts in how we see the world and ourselves, I’ve wondered how a few of us find the seams in the veil that allow instantaneous shifts?

My belief is that there is Universal Abundance and if we’re not experiencing it in some form (not always to obvious forms), we are limited by our own active view of personal limitation.  That would be fear, anger, grief (thank y…