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I don’t know about you, but the flood of information coming in feels like a tsunami!

There is no question that we’re in the Information Era big time.  There are so many advantages to instant access to people, places and things.  That said, sometimes I feel like I’m bailing the boat of my consciousness with a thimble.

Against my better judgment I joined Facebook.  I had to join because my business requires that I do so…why pass up the opportunity to reach large groups of people?  That said, I feel like the top of everyone’s head in the Universe has been unscrewed and all the contents have been dumped out for me to sift through.  From triviality to importance, there it all is.  I have two cats and three litter boxes…surfing through Facebook reminds me of the litter boxes. (Sorry)  I not only don’t want to know most of what’s there, but I definitely don’t need to know other people’s reactions to what is there.  T.M.I. (Too Much Information).

I hope my posts don’t feel like T.M.I…. I hop…

Anger is only a type of energy. It’s aggression that is the culprit.

There are times when all of us,  even those who are enlightened, experience anger.  The notion that spiritually gifted teachers only experience love and compassion is patently false.  Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple for example.  Anger and aggression aren’t synonyms. Anger is energy that separates us from toxic forces and can serve to clarify principles.  Aggression is anger misdirected toward another and causes harm.  Harnessing anger is necessary to make sure that it doesn’t morph into aggression. 
The first step of harnessing anger is sitting with it in a non-reactive way.  Not easy!  When your head is exploding, when there is injustice, when someone you love is being hurt or when you feel betrayed, the untrained mind will justify destructive words and actions.  If you’ve taken an Abnormal Psych course or watched the crime shows on TV you’ve been treated to the range of maladaptive responses we humans produce in response to unharnessed anger.  Someti…

"Abandon Hope"

When I read “Abandon Hope” in Shambhala Sun magazine, I was at first shocked! Wasn’t “hope” the cornerstone of human existence?  Wasn’t it what got us through our darkest moments?  I had to read further…

What I learned was what I had heard so many times in spiritual study:  To hope is to reject the experience of the present moment, the time window in which we are truly alive.  If I “hope” for something, it means there is something more desirable than the present moment.  So I am rejecting this moment and hoping for a better moment.  The tough lesson is that this moment is the only moment, and what we are experiencing now is to be cherished and fully experienced, even if we find it frightening, frustrating, unpleasant or painful.  The minute we reject this moment, we are rejecting a part of the spectrum of Life as it truly is.  We’re treating life as if it’s a smorgasbord where we can pick and choose experiences.  The truth is that we can’t pick and choose and the full spectrum of Lif…

Orange juice and other wisdom

Even TV commercials can be segues to higher awareness if we are open to the metaphor.
I was watching a Florida orange juice commercial in which there is a time-lapse morphing from fragrant flower to bright orange fruit.  Maybe you’ve seen it?   As the fruit appears, the flower shrivels up and disappears.  The trees know how to let go of what was to make room for what comes next.  Quietly, without fanfare, the greenery goes through its various cycles in faithful non-attachment. 
Many humans on the other hand want to stay flowers forever.  I think I’ve mentioned driving up Bloomfield Avenue and seeing a huge billboard commanding “Freeze Your Fat.”  It was Winter and my fat was freezing along with the rest of me.  I think, however, the sign was advertising a procedure to make us middle aged types more lithe and lovely…more flower-like.  The truth is that while the flower lives, there is no fruit.  The culmination of existence is to create something meaningful and nourishing when all is sai…