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Virtual World

It seems that the more we network, the further apart we seem to get…or is that just me?
If you’ve studied “energy, chakras, auras and the vibrational field of influence” you might join me in wondering if the communications network through social media truly projects the same energy as the old interpersonal interface.  I can tell you that there is something very different about holding a book in your hands, reading the handwritten letter/card from a friend or assignment from a student versus e-books, e-mail and computer generated assignments.  Just a different energy.
Weeding through the torrent of emails, texts, Facebook posts and other sources seems to be a bit sterile, if convenient and quick.  There are no facial cues, no nuances and voice intonations, no organicity.  Of course I say that as I write a post for my website…maybe a bit hypocritical.  But maybe not if we can blend the old way with the new way. 
I’m a strong proponent of showing up.  What I mean is being fully present, phy…

Taking Care of Others

Taking care of others is a sacred way to affirm Oneness.
We humans pass through a variety of stages, the early ones  identifying ourselves as the center of the Universe.  This  “egocentric view” is primitive, but most of us stay stuck in  it over the course of our lifetimes.  It is reflected in the  ancient belief that the Earth is the center of the Universe.   We grew out of that belief, just as we grew out of the belief  that the Earth is flat.
We haven’t been as developed in moving past the view that“it’s all about ME.”  Sometimes  I think about being with a group of survivors after a shipwreck and how everyone would  become family pretty quickly.  The illusion of folks as strangers is just that…an illusion.
Today I was in the parking lot of Whole Foods (also known as “Whole Paycheck.”)   There was a young couple with twins who looked about 4 or 5 months old. (The twins,  not the couple :)  The babies had blond hair that was standing on end as if their little fingers  had found their way in…


We humans love to conjure up expectations.  These can range from things we expect of ourselves to things we expect of others.  As soon as we’ve raised the bar of expectations, we’ve projected a “should” into the future.  We have very little control over what hasn’t happened yet.
When we expect things of ourselves, we can at least have some control over whether we deliver or not.  Of course, there are many unforeseen factors that can dash our plans.  Without some understanding of variables and compassion for ourselves, we can end up in a state of self-recrimination.  Too many of us fall short in our own minds and feel chronically miserable and unworthy.  We can rationalize and deny, but generally we know when we’ve fallen short.  We are defensive about our short-falls, even if they ‘re based on unrealistic expectations. That won’t keep us from setting another batch of unattainable goals and raising expectations further.
Expecting things of others can range from modest social amenities…

Outside in, Inside out…

The “eternal” is at work here in the pastures of Florida.  A relentless rhythm of Life living itself in every square inch of land, air and tree.  The lowing cattle live an eternal existence that has taken place here for centuries.  The names on the few street signs reflect the history of the area…SW Florida a bit inland, citrus and cattle country.
The paradox is that there is change within the sameness.  The landscape evolves but the rules are the same.  Everything speaks of Life’s expression, changing within eternal rhythms..  My experience is from the inside, a stillness and appreciation of light and its profound effect on the voices of the many plant forms. 
Each plant takes light and expresses it in its particular way.  It’s what fascinates me about Essential Oils… Each oil is the “voice” of a species expressed uniquely and eloquently.  Each voice offers a special experience if we can keep a gentle hand on the tuner and listen from the core of our being.
We humans, like the plants, …

Fortress or Prison?

“The mind is its own place – It can make Hell of Heaven or Heaven of Hell.”  John Milton in “Paradise Lost”
At some point we have to decide who we are and who we aren’t.  The jury is still out on the human mind and its machinations.  After all, the body has existed as a entity of wisdom for far longer than the mind.  Evolution is unforgiving of those who don’t adapt and the greater the power for good, the greater the potential for destruction. Events in the Middle East with ISIS underscore the horror of the mind as the master of fate, rather than the servant of enduring principle.
Given the potential for mischief by the human mind, we would do well to discipline ourselves by being aware of negative thoughts that rain down upon our poor bodies.  Internal commentary and self-criticism, as well as the overflow of self-loathing silently projected onto others, make for a toxic marinade.  No wonder we feel sour and life gets to be a burden for many of us (much to the joy and profit of the pha…