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Five Benefits of Using Essential Oils

A holistic health practitioner in New Jersey, Rosanne Bostonian, who also goes by Roseanne, sells Young Living Essential Oils products as an independent wholesale distributor. Dr. Rosanne Bostonian offers a wide range of essential oils designed to help the body and mind in numerous ways. The following points cover some of the benefits of using essential oils.

1. Essential oils are versatile in their use, and various scents may be applied for purposes that include cleaning routines, relaxation exercises, and health improvement. Additionally, their versatility makes them easy to use, as you can reap their benefits from wearing them, diffusing them into the air, or mixing them with massage oils.

2. Some essential oils possess properties that help relieve stress and anxiety when absorbed through the skin or breathed in. When soaked into the skin, the oils can cross the brain-blood barrier and reach limbic parts of the body affecting mood, such as the amygdala.

3. Oils with anti-inflammat…

R.I.P. – Mickey Mantis

If you’ve been following my blogs you know that I was visited by a Praying Mantis that I named “Mickey.” (I’ve always been a Yankee fan and always will be!)Seeking advice from my local Petco, I created a Mantis Spa, complete with vegetation and live prey.Alas, Nature rules the day despite a human’s best intentions.
Mickey’s job was to find a safe spot to deposit her egg case.She did so, producing a “whipped cream” mound that hardened into a protective structure about two days after she arrived.
Several days after producing the egg case, I found her in the vegetation having completed her life cycle.I’m amazed at how moved I was.I had been fascinated, watching her small triangular head follow my movements, and sparring with her through the glass of the terrarium. The whole episode was a humbling glimpse into the efficiency of Nature, the endless cycle of Life.
So now there is the egg case.Mantises produce from 50 to 200 babies… I’m watching to see the culmination of the story, not sure if …

It's Always Summer Somewhere

During last year's winter break, I chose to drive to Florida accompanied by my trusty companion Toby.  Toby is a Rottweiler/German Shepherd blend who wandered onto my Florida property 12 years ago.  He chose me, so how could I refuse?  He was a gangly, unkempt pasture dog at 10 months old.  Now he is a mature 13 year-old with a slightly grey muzzle. This trip was our journey back to his original digs.
The trip down was treacherous, storms and tornado warnings making the darkness and solitude a little darker and lonelier.  Toby had a nervous stomach when the heavy rain clattered off the car roof in South Carolina.  I made a series of executive decisions as to whether I would get “gassed out” by leaving the windows closed, or deal with rain coming in sideways.  I alternated and we survived.  Poor Toby… (He refused to take his turn driving :)
As we moved down the coast the temperature rose steadily and by the time we arrived at our Florida digs we were in lovely 80 degree weather… t…

Allow Stillness to Feed your Creativity

Allow stillness to feed your creativity. Only in the quiet moments will your ideas gel and take root. -Praying Mantis
I’m a fan of animal totems.The Native Americans believed that each animal carried its own energy and appreciating the symbolism of animals brought them closer to inner wisdom and peace.
Yesterday there was a Praying Mantis inside my front door jam.I gently took it outside and placed it on the bricks in front of my house.Today the insect reappeared, this time on the screen of my front window.It was cold and nasty out, so I brought it inside.It is now residing in a Tupperware container in my kitchen.
Since those who know me realize that I try to learn from every event, large or small, I Googled “animal totems praying mantis” and received the wisdom I’ve posted above.The persistence of the Praying Mantis, reappearing as it did… well, I couldn’t ignore it!
In an effort to make our lives fulfilling and meaningful, we get busy and keep busy.I’m teaching, doing my essential oi…