Five Benefits of Using Essential Oils

A holistic health practitioner in New Jersey, Rosanne Bostonian, who also goes by Roseanne, sells Young Living Essential Oils products as an independent wholesale distributor. Dr. Rosanne Bostonian offers a wide range of essential oils designed to help the body and mind in numerous ways. The following points cover some of the benefits of using essential oils.

1. Essential oils are versatile in their use, and various scents may be applied for purposes that include cleaning routines, relaxation exercises, and health improvement. Additionally, their versatility makes them easy to use, as you can reap their benefits from wearing them, diffusing them into the air, or mixing them with massage oils.

2. Some essential oils possess properties that help relieve stress and anxiety when absorbed through the skin or breathed in. When soaked into the skin, the oils can cross the brain-blood barrier and reach limbic parts of the body affecting mood, such as the amygdala.

3. Oils with anti-inflammatory properties help relieve muscle aches, tension, and pain.

4. Some herbs help soothe digestion and increase the mobility of the intestine. Oils like rosemary can also offer help with stomach cramps and indigestion, and oregano can increase the body’s secretion of digestive juices.

5. As essential oils are made from the distilled parts of various plants, they are entirely green and cause no harm to the environment.                            


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