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The Last Leaf on the Tree and Gratitude

As the Fall winds down we’ve seen the process of transformation in the trees around us.One of the most interesting things I learned as a biology major was the fact that the colors we see in Fall were there all the time, masked by the chlorophyll created to build food for the tree.When the Sun recedes into the Winter sky, the tree no longer creates chlorophyll and the hidden colors are revealed.There is a lot going on behind what our senses can pick up.
Like the trees, we each have our hidden brilliance and I hope that revealing it doesn’t wait for the next lifetime!What keeps us from showing our colors, our authentic selves?Fear of rejection, of showing all that we are and having it not be good enough?
The last leaf on the tree... Does it hold tight because it fears the long drop to Earth?Does it deny the approaching Winter?When we maintain our tight grip past beliefs, our obvious green, we fail to show our deeper colors and we panic over the periods when our “branches” can look a littl…

The Roadmap and the Journey

I’ve been asked a number of times
about the difference between religion
and spirituality.  Since there are
increasing numbers of people that
claim to be spiritual, but not religious,
it’s a valid question.
The way I think about this is that religion
is a road map, a set of directions that
keeps us on course, but that spiritual consciousness is the evolving journey. 
We can get preoccupied with the road
map and forget we are on a journey. 
This, unfortunately, is the hypocrisy that
we see in some religious practices.
The fact is that spiritual awareness is the unfolding journey we go through in a lifetime. 
It’s the growing realization that we are all ascending to a view of life that is less personal
and more universal, Oneness.  Material life is a stage in that evolution.  Sometimes
holding too tightly to the road map can make us forget that there is a journey under way.
The great tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, described his experience of singing as preparing the instrument through years …

Echoes through the Ages

There is nothing new in the world, just the echo of wisdom stated and restated in a variety of traditions and languages.What is there about our thinking brains that prevents us from yielding to truths greater than those known in our very small, individual lives?
No doubt that what we see and hear enters through the filters of our insular experiences.The words we speak are a mirror of those same experiences. Despite larger visions looming, we want to exist outside of the rules of Nature that have prevailed since humans first walked the Earth.Even before humans walked the Earth.
Are we stubborn?Yes.Do we want our own unique paradigms to rule the day?Yes again.In many religious traditions we are asked to surrender, kneel or lie prostrate, as a sign that we are submitting to that which is greater, that Source of Creation to which we attach a variety of labels.Allah, God, Jehovah…you name it.
To be humble isn’t to be weak.To submit and surrender isn’t to lose.I’ve come to believe that surrend…