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I was walking my dog today and noticed that our approach created an incredibly agile retreat on the part of a squirrel. The hypervigilant little bugger hurtled itself up the trunk of a tree and before I could say, “Holy Acrobatics Batman,” it had launched into yet another tree and was leaping across tree tops in Olympic style.  Intense. It got me thinking about squirrels in general.  Their nests… How do they occupy that pile of leaves nestled in the branches?  Is there space in there, or do they pile in and warm each other with their furry bodies?  It doesn’t look particularly inviting, especially in the snow and wind.  Definitely not Five Star and totally without amenities. Their diet… Acorns that are buried for a while are pretty grim culinary fare. Damp acorns, cold acorns, old acorns.  Considering the energy squirrels spend launching from tree to tree and the number of calories needed to stay warm, it hardly seems enough to munch on those nasty tidbits. Their poop… I don’t want t…

President’s Day

When I was in elementary school, I remember cutting out silhouettes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on their respective birthdays.I guess the amount of construction paper needed to create tributes to all the presidents would have bankrupted the school districts, so we’ve boiled the celebration down to one day.
It’s no secret that I’ve been appalled by some of the antics around electioneering.Buying influence has angered the American people, so Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump seem to be anti-establishment voices that have gathered momentum for two different reasons.
Mr. Sanders has money contributed by individual supporters, no Political Action Committee.One of the planks in his platform is election financing reform.Mr. Trump has more money than God and the Angels, so he doesn’t have the need for a Political Action Committee.He is a PAC!
We want to admire our leaders.It’s ever harder to do so since everyone in the public eye has a flashlight exploring each orifice of their bo…

We are all made of stardust… Valentine’s Day Special

It’s Valentine’s Day, when “special ones” are being appreciated and love is celebrated.I’ve been noticing lately that everyone welcomes humor and a smile and that the difference between special ones and “others” is negligible.
I was at the market today and saw a picture of Donald Trump on the cover of the News made up as a clown.A total stranger (if there is such a person) was walking by and I held up the paper.We both cracked up, and that was it… a moment shared with someone I may never see again.
If you and I were marooned on an island, we would soon figure out that we were BFFs and would cooperate and survive together.The Earth is an island in space…we are all marooned on it.The idea that we have to torment each other seems absurd. It makes more sense to figure out how to understand and express love in a more universal way.
Romantic love is what confuses people.I think of it as the kindling wood that burns brightly and quickly, but has to ignite the big logs of companionship, deep…

The Trump Card, and the Rest of the Hand

Like all of us, I’m scanning the debates, interviews and random comments with the presidential candidates.I was wondering what the Founding Fathers would be thinking of the people who aspire to the office of president, and I shudder to think of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and the others hearing the cacophony and vulgarity that poses as aspiring leadership. I had BBC on the other evening and experienced the British Parliament commenting on the esteemed Mr. Trump, getting a good laugh at his expense.British humor is a crackup…dry and sarcastic, but it hits a nerve.
Yes, we are disgusted with business as usual.Profiteering, dishonesty, deals that have just about wiped out the middle class in our country.The top 1% of the population owns 60% of the wealth.I don’t think they are giving up the rules that got them there any time soon.But does this warrant turning the country over to a living caricature?A three dimensional, and possibly dangerous, cartoon? Someone to…