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The image of Mary holding the crucified body of her Son is a riveting metaphor.The Pieta sculpture is mesmerizing because it represents the ability to love that which appears hopelessly damaged.But the other side of the coin is Life Everlasting in the Resurrection.
I was thinking about our fragility and how worthy of compassion we are.Instead of cutting ourselves a break, we harbor a tirade of criticism on the tips of our tongues for ourselves and each other.We deserve better. Having an unlimited imagination in a time-limited body is pretty daunting when you think about it.If it wasn’t for a healthy dose of denial, I think we’d all be in the Funny Farm.
I remember reading “Conversations with God” in which the author asks God why He created Heaven and Earth.My recollection is that God said that potential, the unformed, isn’t complete unless it is expressed.Here we are, temporary expressions of that very abundance.
I’ve written in the past about “dying daily,” a wisdom shared by the great …

Antiques Road Show

I like Antiques Road Show, except when an episode spontaneously appears in my closet.
I have clothes from every size and stage of my life.This is partially because I hate clothes shopping.Whoever designed the fitting rooms with their obviously distorted mirrors and brassy lighting has a sadistic side.Don’t even start me on bathing suit shopping.
Aside from shopping aversion, each garment is attached to a memory and I have a touch of hoarder in my blood.I never would have admitted that when I was cleaning up my mother’s house after she passed.Her closets were a comparable archeological dig through layers of living.At the time I was clear that this would NEVER be me.Alas, it is.
I have dresses I bought with my father patiently sitting as men do while I sported a variety of options.This was before the mirrors became unkind and the light wasn’t quite as revealing.I will never wear those dresses, but the picture they evoke is hard to give away.
I have clogs…yes, clogs.I think in the back…

Broadcasts from Beyond

After my posting last week, many of you took the time to send cards and comment.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.   I have a few things to share…
I was walking in front of my house (feeling especially dogless) and asked Toby to send me a sign.   In front of my neighbor’s house was a log.  I’m including a picture of it, a stylized profile of Toby.  There it was before my eyes. 
And then there was Nancy Reagan’s funeral.  On Friday, waiting for Toby’s ashes to be delivered, I was watching the funeral service for the former First Lady.  As they sang, “Coming Home” and “Amazing Grace,” the UPS truck pulled up with Toby’s cremains.  Irony… Toby hated the UPS man :)
Universal Intelligence is always broadcasting from levels we don’t understand because we’re stuck in our five senses.  Love is what connects us to the invisible.
There are mediums and channelers that connect to other realms and I’ve had animal readings in the past.  My late, great dog Lindsey (in a reading after she pas…

Rest in Peace, My Beautiful Boy

I know many of you have four-legged companions that loyally love you no matter what.My Toby took his trip to the Rainbow Bridge Friday after a nine-month battle with cancer.
Let me first say that I owe a great deal to the professionals who walked with us through this journey.Dr. Rebecca Stock and Dr. Colette Brazer of Montclair Animal Hospital, Dr. Gerry Buchoff of Holistic Pet Care, and Dr. Dennis Bailey of Oradell Animal Hospital each embraced us with professionalism and compassion.It’s a tough challenge to guide a human through a voyage with such tender balance.
My friend of many years, Pat Bolger, loved Toby too.He would be the “doorbell” that announced her visits and would escort her into the house.She was with us until the end and feels his loss deeply.
Toby found me 13 years ago in Florida.I have a log home in the middle of 10 acres and someone probably cut him loose because he didn’t hunt or herd.In country places you’ve got to earn your keep.
He took refuge on my wrap-around…