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Company coming over? Create an inviting atmosphere with Orange essential oil!

Company coming over? Create an inviting atmosphere with Orange essential oil!

Colonoscopy and other Tribulations

Poor Dr. Aasmaa, my primary physician, has done everything short of corporal punishment to get me to have a colonoscopy. I could paper the walls with the prescriptions she has written.I finally caved and went in for my intake (so to speak) with “one of the Top Doctors in NJ.”(You know, the marketing game of having patients vote for a doctor?)Actually, this doctor was professional, personable and even shook my hand.I hope he washed his hands before the shake.
The waiting room in a gastroenterologist’s office isn’t exactly Happy Land.As a distraction, there was a TV featuring a soap opera “The Young and the Restless.”Watching were “The Old and the Exhausted.”
I didn’t have the courage to ask the physician what inspired him to enter this discipline.My, oh my… talk about taking the “Road Less Travelled!”The neuroplasticity of the human brain allows for amazing adaptations, but really!Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad that there are those among us that take on tasks that are, to say the l…

Love Beyond Words…

There is love that is impossible to express in words.We try with well-worn phrases and gestures, but these seem to fall short.They fall short especially if the object of our love and the connection we have with it is sacred, beyond the material.
This is why Nature is such a blessing.It doesn’t drag us into Word World.We are allowed to be with it, capture the moment, laugh and cry without explaining.
Words are an attempt to share those feelings.They fall short, but they are better than nothing…or maybe not.Words touch the feeling, but can’t fully embrace it.Sometimes we’re better off shutting up.
Shutting up can be lonely if we haven’t fully reached Love Beyond Words, but it invites us to actively listen to silence.Joel Goldsmith wrote a book entitled, “The Thunder of Silence.”He shares that consciousness is experienced beyond random blah-blah-blah.Our attempts to touch Universal Love with intellect can actually block its flow.
As I write this, I feel like I’m leaning into silence and…


It’s Spring and the Earth is awakening under our feet as it responds to the warming rays of the Sun.  In the human world paying attention to someone has the same effect on a person that the Sun’s rays have on the Earth.  There is nothing more welcoming than someone who really listens.

Active listening is an art.It involves not thinking of the next thing you’re going to say, planning tonight’s meal, or judging the person talking for having spinach in their teeth.In short, it’s really being present.When someone is heard in that way, they blossom.
Initially, it’s a weird feeling to have someone focus on you in totality.This is true in our multi-tasking, overstimulated world more than ever.It can make you self-conscious, even though it’s something we secretly long for.“Am I important enough to deserve your full attention?”All too often, from childhood to the present, the answer is “no.”
As children, we transform the distracted parent into a feeling of unworthiness and we’re off and runni…