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Memorial Day Special

We Americans have a way of making horrible tragedies into celebrations.In psychology, we call it reframing.Maybe the most artful reframing is done on Memorial Day.
On Memorial Day we have barbecues, family gatherings, parades and people wave the red, white and blue.We worry about how we look in our bathing suits. We eat and drink too much, go to baseball games or just mindlessly chill. There are some sobering facts in 2016 that make me worry about “our way of life.”
One percent of the population owns 60% of the wealth while the rest of us share the other 40%.I’m not sure I’d be storming the shores of Normandy if I knew I’d be doomed to be one of the 99%.
I don’t want to be cynical, and this experiment we call “The American Dream” is a worthy one, but it has become tarnished by selfishness and greed. The conundrum in Washington, the lack of unity in our America, makes me sad for those who may have faced their mortal moments in hopes of preserving something better.
Speaking of mortal …

Foot Reflexology

I promise I don’t have a foot fetish, but if there’s a diagnostic category that isn’t quite as kinky, I’d be there.I am studying Foot Reflexology and will be adding it to the services I provide to clients in the near future.
There is a mini-you mapped out on the bottom of your feet.It’s referred to as a homunculus, or a “little man.”As it turns out, the meridians (10 in all) run the entire length of the body, so stimulating zones on your tootsies actually goes much further than just feeling heavenly.It actually impacts the entire body.
I’ve been enjoying this modality as a recipient over many years. I have never (and I repeat NEVER) been as relaxed and clear as I am after these treatments.It’s as if the practitioner hits a “reset button” that sets things back in balance.
I’ve actually had mini-vacations on the table, feeling like I’ve been somewhere else and returned reluctantly at the end of the session.Stay tuned for more feedback regarding adding this service to my Reiki protocol.…


There is nothing more amazing to me than manifesting life.Other creatures are fortunate because their offspring are independent in the blink of an eye.Not us.Our big brains require years of programming. Our bodies pass through myriads of stages until we are finally able to step out into the world.The guardian angel over all of this is “Mother.”
If you are fortunate enough to have your human mother on Earth, you may be thinking about frustration, imperfection and struggles you’ve had together.You may be involved in a ceremonial relationship rather than an authentic one.Whatever your relationship is or was, she is the gateway through which your physical presence entered this dimension.
For lack of an effective birth mother, there are myriads of mothers who embody the energy of nurturing and angelic presence.When we’re open to mothering, it will appear in friends, in Nature, in teachers and healers. Mothering is part of universal energy that some of us do literally and all of us can do …