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The Color Green

As Spring folds into Summer, it occurs me that green was a great choice for plants and trees.Not that Nature ever makes a bad choice and Fall is gorgeous with its flaming array of colors, but green feels like a promise fulfilled.
In the world of energy, the Heart Chakra’s color is green.It marks the transition from fear and survival-driven motives to open-hearted, loving motives.When the Earth cracks open in Spring and gives forth a celebration of greenness, our hearts open with it.
I’m looking out the window right now noticing how the trees create a mosaic pattern that allows each leaf maximum exposure to the Sun’s life-giving rays.If we don’t think that’s a type of intelligence, I think we’re missing the point.As a matter of fact, the human version of intelligence can leave a lot to be desired.We’re often too smart for our own good!
The best things I learned as an undergraduate Biology major were the intricacies of how many ways Life expresses itself.Every niche is expressing unsto…

Essential Oils for Allergy Relief

Rosanne (Roseanne) Bostonian, Ph.D., is an Independent Wholesaler for Young Living Essential Oils. Based in Florham Park, New Jersey, Rosanne Bostonian, Ph.D., espouses the value of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils as part of a comprehensive holistic health regimen.

Allergy sufferers may find themselves at the height of their symptoms in the spring and summer months. While over-the-counter medications can help alleviate symptoms, there are natural remedies--specifically essential oils--that in many cases can offer comparable results. Here are three oils that can help with allergy symptoms.

Peppermint Essential Oil
Diffusing peppermint oil can give you immediate benefits by unclogging your sinuses and providing sore throat relief. As an expectorant, peppermint oil can be used to help alleviate symptoms from colds, asthma, and bronchitis in addition to allergies. It can help by dislodging phlegm in the chest, as well as reducing inflammation.

Lavender Essential Oil
Also boasting anti-…

Creating Community

I remember watching shows like Gunsmoke and Little House on the Prairie, with endearing characters who were part of a community.These shows are coming back in rerun probably because the familiarity of the characters makes us all feel connected, like we know them and they know us.
The “virtual world” is an isolating, sort of sterile place.The drive up bank near me is closing, encouraging people to use their phones and computers to do their banking.I don’t know about you, but the teller at the drive up window was a touch stone for me.I used to take my late great dog for a biscuit (his withdrawal when I made my deposit).Nancy, the teller, and I had a relationship.A real, human, eye-contact, smiling relationship.She felt bad when my dog passed and I knew she had an aging dog as well.
Our facial expressions are crucial in communication.Face-time and Skype don’t quite do it.That pixel thing and the freezes and delays aren’t organic.The energy exchange among people creates a sense of connec…

Meditation or Medication?

I had lived a life of intense competition prior to age 40, running for Student Government and Class offices, pitching highly competitive Women’s Fast Pitch Softball, and working toward my doctorate (and much more).  I was the female Midas, touching all and turning it to gold.  
In the meantime, my poor body was imploding, but I ignored the stress signs.  My vulnerable area was the thyroid gland, so when my mother died suddenly right after my 40th birthday, it said “STOP!”  Of course I ignored even those symptoms. After all, there were so many important things to do!  My stubbornness resulted in the need to get off of my feet and potentially serious consequences.  I call that my second birthing, a wakeup call.  Many of us aren’t lucky enough to catch our carelessness in time.
In our culture, we’re trained to ignore our bodies.  We don’t ignore how our bodies look…and there are implants, Botox injections and all sorts of bizarre interventions to improve our appearance. What we ignore i…