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Potential Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

An adjunct professor at Berkeley College, Rosanne Bostonian, PhD, is a professor of humanities. Her work reflects her commitment to individualizing curriculum and helping students gain insight, mastering critical thinking and reaching their goal of graduation.

A Reiki Master Teacher, Dr. Rosanne Bostonian uses Young Living essential oils as part of her energy work with clients.

Since their first recorded use in ancient Egypt, essential oils have been used to treat aches, anxiety, colds, and acne. Peppermint oil is used in many skin treatments. Peppermint oil contains menthol, which provides a cooling sensation. It nourishes dull skin and improves the texture of greasy and oily skin.

Along with skin issues, peppermint oil has been used for its antifungal and antimicrobial qualities in treating parasitic, bacterial, and fungal infections. Peppermint oil’s healing abilities are usually attributed to the elevated levels of menthol that naturally occur in the oil.

Peppermint oil blends easily…
The Path of the Bodhisattva

According to Anne Klein (the Buddhist teacher, not the fashion designer :), “A bodhisattva is someone whose purpose is to benefit others in every possible way, especially to free them from ignorance and from bondage to a sense of self…You’re a bodhisattva when you never waiver from your powerful aspiration to be of benefit to everyone, not just in meditation but throughout daily life.”
The Buddhists believe that sitting in meditation is an activity that benefits everything and everyone, but to actively look for ways to benefit the world makes you kindred to the bodhisattva tradition.
Think about being so mindful that you are in active pursuit of alleviating suffering.This doesn’t mean that we need to be saints.It only means that at very least, we don’t add to the cauldron of suffering which already bubbles in the world today.We add to suffering with negative thoughts, ignorance and selfishness.
Maybe our opportunities are small, like letting someone into t…