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What is a relationship?

Like everything else in life, the definition of a relationship changes over time.No matter what stage we are in, whether reproductive pairings in earlier life, or companionship needs in later life, a relationship is a healing opportunity, a place to express the depth of our being.
Unfortunately, if we see this truth , it’s usually through our rear view mirrors and not in real time.Looking back at our choices and decisions, there is definitely some “road kill” to remind us of mistakes we’ve made.Maybe we haven’t fully used the opportunities offered in a relationship. This may happen because we expect the other person to take the responsibility for our unfinished business.
Since many of us run from what we don’t want to see, relationships often become projective screens on which we often see a movie we don’t like.My suggestion is to stay until the end of the movie when the credits are rolling, and not run out of the theater at intermission.
Whatever isn’t finished in ourselves or in a…

Reiki and Reflexology - A Relaxing Treatment Synergy

A resident of Upper Montclair, New Jersey, Dr. Rosanne (Roseanne) Bostonian, Ph.D., divides her time between responsibilities as a Reiki master teacher, an adjunct professor at Berkeley College and her role as an independent wholesaler with Young Living Essential Oils. In her healing practice, Dr. Rosanne Bostonian combines Reiki with Foot Reflexology to cultivate a highly relaxing wellness experience for her clients.

More holistic practitioners are beginning to recognize the benefits of reflexology and Reiki when used together in a therapeutic setting. When practicing reflexology, therapists use specific pressure points on the feet and hands to stimulate other body parts such as the nervous system. By using these trigger points to rouse the body’s circulatory system, this treatment can help patients who are experiencing conditions ranging from neck pain to anxiety. 

Reiki, on the other hand, takes a more spiritual approach to supporting healthy healing. Originating in Japan, it uses a …

Denial, Reactivity and Other Muckety Muck

To prevent unnecessary suffering we have to be awake.We think we know what we need, so we hold on for dear ego life and use a variety of mechanisms to try to prevent awakening.Why? Because awakening challenges existing beliefs.This is known as “resistance,” and it causes a boat load of suffering.
None of us is immune to thinking we know.The mind becomes the terrible master and easily forgets it is only a servant.A servant of what?Of Divine Intelligence that goes beyond the limits of the human mind.
This doesn’t mean we don’t have choices, but the choices have to come from facing our fears and dissolving them with our transparency.Transparency means less ego me and more of the I that I am.In other words, less of a material definition of who we think we are and faith that if we yield to an energy form that is limitless, we may feel transient pain but we won’t suffer.
Denial is a huge culprit.“If I don’t know it’s happening it isn’t happening.”Really?Then there’s reactivity.“If anything cha…