Reiki and Reflexology - A Relaxing Treatment Synergy

A resident of Upper Montclair, New Jersey, Dr. Rosanne (Roseanne) Bostonian, Ph.D., divides her time between responsibilities as a Reiki master teacher, an adjunct professor at Berkeley College and her role as an independent wholesaler with Young Living Essential Oils. In her healing practice, Dr. Rosanne Bostonian combines Reiki with Foot Reflexology to cultivate a highly relaxing wellness experience for her clients.

More holistic practitioners are beginning to recognize the benefits of reflexology and Reiki when used together in a therapeutic setting. When practicing reflexology, therapists use specific pressure points on the feet and hands to stimulate other body parts such as the nervous system. By using these trigger points to rouse the body’s circulatory system, this treatment can help patients who are experiencing conditions ranging from neck pain to anxiety. 

Reiki, on the other hand, takes a more spiritual approach to supporting healthy healing. Originating in Japan, it uses a person’s life force energy to create complete harmony of the mind, physical body, and spirit. Like reflexology, Reiki helps balance the organs and the energies of the human body in an effort to support overall wellness. Many of the benefits of these two treatments are the same, but their differences are what make them so effective when used together. Where Reiki particularly benefits those with mental conditions, reflexology focuses on physical ailments. The combination of these two treatments can therefore provide a heightened level of bodily balance and healing.


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