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Understanding Your Owners Manual

Can Gluten Cause Depression?
Are you suffering from depression? There are many theories on the causes
of depression, but one that should be taken into consideration is how the
foods we eat can affect our mental state, especially gluten. Studies indicate
that gluten can affect the amount of tryptophan and serotonin in the body,
which give feelings of happiness.  - The Health and Wellness Networking Group
In countless articles like the one above, we are seeing conventional views
expanding.  In the past, it was logical to believe that mood was dictated by
the brain and the brain alone.  Now research is exploring the role of the gut
and its effect on mood. 
What scientists have now discovered is that many of the neurotransmitters
that establish a sense of calm and well-being are produced in the digestive
system.  It stands to reason that eating habits and their effect on the health
of the digestive tract may be responsible for changes in mood as well as
affecting our general health.
In o…

Looking in the Mirror

As horrifying as this election season has been, even worse is the sense that we are looking into a mirror and seeing the grotesque caricature of our culture; selfish, ill-informed, superficial and cunning… lacking impulse control and living by the motto, “The end justifies the means.”
Most spiritual practices emphasize that the method, the means by which we live, justifies the outcome.  In other words, if you live a crappy and corrupt life, whatever you achieve is the fruit of the poisonous tree.
Mr. Trump… I can see his inflamed red face, his pursed lips and his diatribes about Bill Clinton (his mirror image).  I can hear his snorting, importuning us to “believe me,” and his creepy, adolescent bragging on that bus about bullying women.  Worse than those disqualifiers is his complete ignorance of world affairs and his smug and pitiful diatribes about things he knows not of.  I feel for his wife…how embarrassing.
Secretary Clinton… She has laid down with dogs for so long, she has come…

Surrender Isn’t Losing

Surrendering to what is Will gain you the trust Of the divinely penetrated world, The world that has no separation Between divinity and physical.
-Barbara Brennan from “Trust” – Seeds of the Spirit
Poor humans we are, trying to dominate Nature with our intellect.  As I write this, Hurricane Matthew is boiling up a powerful punch in the Caribbean.  Having seen the effects of Hurricane Charley in Florida (snapped giant oaks like twigs and took the roof off my house using solar panels as wind sails), I deeply respect these exhalations of Mother Nature.  Mother is angry in the Caribbean.
In every happening, even wicked storms, is a rebalancing of forces, corrections that must occur as the Earth rights itself.  The San Andreas Fault in California WILL make a correction at some point.  Why not surrender now and call those areas “No Build Zones?”