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The Good News about Health Care

Not only is the cost of health care astronomical, but finding professionals who haven’t compromised their bedside manner to the ticking clock and skyrocketing malpractice costs is becoming more and more challenging.  The “good news” is that the idea of waiting until you’re sick to be concerned about health is an outdated approach.  Circumstances have dictated that we take more and more responsibility for our own well-being.  Financial responsibility is coinciding with what is essential to maintaining good health.
Think about it; does it make sense to let our body imbalances reach critical mass and express as debilitating symptoms, or does it make more sense to do a little research on how we can maintain balance and avoid the more serious results of neglect?
In an earlier blog, I mentioned that ignoring the need for ongoing body balance is like cutting the wire to the check engine light in your car.  The body expresses itself subtly at first, but will become more adamant if we aren’t …

Making Friends with our Bodies

If our bodies were our children, the Division of Youth and Family Services would be very busy!The neglect and abuse we visit on our poor selves is well documented in medical circles.Make no mistake, “The body remembers what the mind forgets!” Western medicine follows the parade of our poor decisions with various remedies designed to curtail the symptoms of excess and ignorance.The causes of our suffering remain ours to diagnose unless we pursue alternatives which head off trouble before it blossoms into an array of misery. I’ve personally learned (after years of trying to outrun reality) that attunement to our bodies’ is the root of loving relationships.Without that level of caring for ourselves, relationships with others will only mirror our lack of connectedness. If it ain’t on the inside, we won’t find it on the outside!Of course, we’ll blame everyone and everything outside of ourselves, but healing starts with self-regard. In this New Year, maybe we can feel some compassion for o…

"Thrown to the Curb"

There are a few expressions that have become popular referring to being disrespected or discounted.  You can be “thrown under the bus,” or you can be “thrown to the curb.”  I can’t help it, but when I see the Christmas trees, once regaled with decorations, lying prostrate and stripped on the curb, I feel a little melancholy.
Yes, I’m overly empathic and tend to anthropomorphize (make inanimate objects sentient), but to me it’s a comment on how ephemeral our society has become.  People have 15 minutes of fame, only to be forgotten.  We root for the team when it’s winning, but abandon it when it’s no longer a “feel good” proposition.  The shelters are filled with the lovable family pet until it became an inconvenience.
Ugh, ugh and ugh again.
There’s something about loyalty that we seem to have lost in our hurried lives.  There is something about sticking with what is inconvenient or doesn’t make us feel good in the moment. 
I’m not suggesting that you keep your Christmas tree until it…

What works for YOU!

As I’ve become more interested in health and wellness, I realize there are generalizations made on websites about nutrition, exercise and various supplements designed to promote youthful vigor and healthful outcomes.
The “trial and error” approach is tricky and expensive.  It can also do harm.  We humans are unique individuals who each have DNA dictated needs.  Knowing your own earth suit, the one you’ve been wearing since conception, requires sensitivity and the right kind of “self-consciousness.”
The usual use of the term (self-consciousness) is taken to mean insecure preoccupations with whether we’re ok.  The “self” that is the concern to most of us is how we appear and whether we’re lovable and acceptable.
The right kind of self-consciousness is of a deeper self who waits to be heard and honored.  I was watching the show “Autopsy” which depicts the causes of death of many famous people.  Those folks aren’t any different from the rest of us, except their public personas are more distra…