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Servant or Slave

I was recently contemplating the words servant versus the word slave. In spiritual life, it is often said that we are servants, or those who minister to the needs of others.We choose this willingly. One the other hand, a slave is someone who is ministering to the needs of others, but unwillingly.Many of us feel like slaves in our everyday lives.We go to work resentfully, feeling trapped by invisible obligations that (incidentally) we tacitly agreed to.The agreement was probably made in an unspoken exchange… “I’ll work at a job to make enough money to be a desirable mate.” This happens in relationships as well.“I’ll be enslaved to your personality glitches because I dare not expose my feelings for fear of being unlovable.” It’s interesting to note that the same job or relationship might feel like service if the choices came from love rather than fear.Think about that for a minute. Desperation makes us unconscious.If we suspend self-doubt and make our choices from the platform of love,…

Expansion and Contraction

I was watching a Discovery Channel program about the Universe.There are apparently two forces in nature that dictate balance among the heavenly bodies.The Big Bang caused incredible forces of expansion that are still moving out from the center.The complementary force is Gravity, which keeps all things united in the center.Balance between these forces allows the Universe to expand at a reasonable rate. I had taught a lesson recently on the “Comfort Zone,” that place in our experience that resists change.Otto Rank, the famous cohort of Sigmund Freud, wrote about “Life Fear,” (the desire to stay on familiar ground and resist change), and “Death Fear,” (the desire the move out of stagnation and grow). Doesn’t it sound like life on the human level is both moving out from the center (expansion and death fear) as well as trying to hold on to comfort (contraction and life fear)? The more we look at the way the Universe functions, the more the parallels to our experience we can find.Too much expa…

“Love Songs to Myself”

It’s taken me a long time to discern the difference between being self-absorbed and self-appreciative.I think I always shied away from embracing the good things about me, feeling a little ashamed and self-indulgent. It’s time to change that script!Not that I’m perfect, by a long shot…but I can say this about me… “I am a resilient SOB!”I’ve learned over these years that each test, each setback, is an opportunity to self-reflect and find strength I didn’t know I had.I’ve even realized that the “mistakes” were just detours and the scenery was pretty interesting, even if unexpected. There are so many distractions in this world.People tell wrong-minded stories about who we’re supposed to be.We spend decades trying to be that person, the thin one, the popular one, the lovable one.We give away our power to other poor souls who are scuffling along just as we are.We seek approval ahead of wisdom. Without self-reflection, making friends with myself and loving this person, we are on an endless …