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Foods to Protect against Cancer

Studies have shown that drinking one to two cups of green or black tea a day can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

 An Australian study found eating three servings of leafy greens daily reduces likelihood of skin cancer by up to 55 percent.

Citrus  fruits contain limonene, which has been associated with a 34% lower risk of skin cancer.

An analysis of 20 studies by Imperial College London found people who ate a daily ounce of nuts slashed their risk of coronary heart disease by almost a third and their cancer risk by 15 % 


I was speaking to a friend about his intrigue with “patina” on furniture and building materials.Patina is the signs of weathering that give wood, metal and objects character.It’s considered desirable to show that the item isn’t newly manufactured and in fact, has been around for a while. Of course, my mind went to patina in the human condition.Why isn’t it desirable to look like we’ve been around the block a few times?Why should we all look like fresh-faced newbies? Maybe it’s capitalism… the encouragement to “get a new model” to drive the economy.We generalize the concept that new must be better.So new people must be better too. I think most of us feel like new earthsuits would be more serviceable and less demanding that the older models.With new earthsuits comes the reality of cluelessness, and most of us wouldn’t envy that part of the deal, not to mention the trials and tribulations needed to breathe some wisdom into the callow mind. Here’s my suggestion; aging is just “patina.”It…

Live Mindfully

I remember my dear uncle saying, “Now that I’m old I can look back on life while I’m living it.”I didn’t get that at the time, but now I do. What I find different about getting older is that I can be the observer and the actor at the same time.When we’re young, we’re “doing,” and if we are more mature than the majority, reflecting way after the doing is over.“Insight,” is just that…looking inward and reflecting.If we can do that while we’re living, we’re far better off than most folks. If we aren’t among the more mature and mindful, we blunder along only to discover our patterns and miscues in what isn’t working in our lives.If we don’t blame others, we may end up in the office of a therapist.Better late than never! On the Discovery Channel there was discussion about research moving toward life without death.On the surface, that sounds like the vanquishing of the ultimate enemy!But what impact will immortality have on the choices we make in our then open-ended lives? Will we care as …