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Ancient Oils

The origins of myrrh and frankincense are traced to the Arabian Peninsula.

According to Herodotus (5th century BC): "Arabia is the only country which produces frankincense, myrrh, cassia and cinnamon...the trees bearing the frankincense are guarded by winged serpents of small size and various colors." 

Myrrh is a resin, or sap-like substance, that comes from a tree called Commiphoramyrrha, common in Africa or the Middle East.

Being Loved. Being Love.

Being loved is what we live for, and we recruit all sorts of scenarios to accomplish the precious feeling.If we haven’t felt deserving, we both long for being loved and get in the way of it happening. Rather than being loved, it works much better to “be love.”What I mean is that, we humans are scuffling around trying to access love from each other, when being an instrument of love’s expression is the way to go.Love doesn’t come from us, it comes through us. If I AM love, I only look for ways to express it in the world.Those ways are constantly emerging, but we miss the opportunities because we’re looking for validation of worth from each other.Here is the bottom line:We are already valid because we are love’s expression! Once we accept this, we express it every chance we get.We offer an open heart, compassion and gratitude.This is much more appealing than a sense of lack and “what can you do for ME” mentality.In fact, when others feel that we are giving rather than asking, channeling…

Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of (E)motion

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction… Or simply said from the psychological perspective “You cannot touch without being touched!”
Back in the day my brother, five years older than I, took the physical science road and became a physics teacher, while I took the life science road and became a biology teacher.  It seemed like we were on opposites sides of the road.
As time passed, I moved from my biology platform into psychology, but still teaching in my own ways, both in practice and in college.  Last week, my brother shared Newton’s Third Law…”You cannot touch without being touched,” and I realized the more things appear different, the more they are the same. 
When we touch another person’s life, we are touched in return.  Precious are these interactions and not to be taken lightly.  Vital is conscious awareness as to how our “touch” of another rebounds and has effect on ourselves.


There was a time in my life that “if it felt good, it WAS good, and if it felt bad, it WAS bad.”I guess I was living like a member of another species! What I’ve learned over time is what feels bad is sometimes good, and what feels good is sometimes bad.This puts a whole new spin on things.Now I have to discern what’s actually happening, regardless of how it feels. This is probably what Pema Chodron, the great Buddhist nun, means when she says “lean into the sharp object.”It’s counterintuitive to accept pain as part of life.We spend a lot of energy trying to avoid it through various addictions and distractions. We desperately hope that something outside ourselves will save us from pain.The truth… Nothing saves us from pain.Our only choice is to get through it quickly through acceptance, or slowly through obfuscation and suffering.The latter strategy results in blaming others and Life itself for our pain. The grace of acceptance looks like giving up, but it is actually the Path of the …